Your choice for a trustful, reliable and safe way to keep your home, office or commercial
facility clean and shinning. Our company is a Cleaning Services provider of your choice
for residential and commercial cleaning services in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas.
We offer you superior quality and exceptional customer service at affordable prices,
make us your top choice for a professional cleaning and organizing company. You can
count us done to your specification with each and every appointment.
If you hire us, you will enjoy free time, healthy indoor air, and clean carpets that last
longer. Babies, children, and the elderly will be protected from bacteria.

Affordable Cleaning Services
Regular cleanings keep your home fresh but that is not always enough. Every once in a
while, you need a deep cleaning that goes in all the nooks and corners. Let Ethio Airs do
your deep cleaning to free you up for things that are more important.
What Do Professional Deep Cleaning Services Include?
Imagine what your home or apartment would look like if it was actually clean from top to
bottom. If your home or apartment hasn’t been professionally cleaned in months or if
you don’t use a cleaning service on a regular basis, a deep cleaning is a good place to
When you lead a busy life, it’s all you can do to manage a little sprucing up. Ethio Airs
Cleaning Services will take care of all those areas that you tend to neglect because of
the lack of time and energy. A deep cleaning service includes all the services of a
standard cleaning and gives more attention to those areas you tend to skim over on a
regular basis.
This service also includes:
 Inside fridge
 Inside Oven
 Baseboards
 Inside windows
If you wish to arrive at a neat home after a long day but you don’t feel like cleaning, Ethio
Airs is here to clean your home! Our standard services provide you a clean and maintained
home. Please don’t schedule a standard service if you have not cleaned your space for
more than 3 months.
Moving time can be an extremely stressful time. With Ethio Airs Cleaning Services, it
doesn’t have to be. Schedule a professional cleaner to clean sweep your old home and
clean your new home too, so you can settle in without worry.