Ruby Visa Consulting Firm is registered and licensed employment and business visa consulting firm. The firm will continue to handle all aspect of employment and business visa services such as assisting individuals in getting work permit by providing opportunities to work abroad and those looking for business visa facilitate and assistance  to get the required visas with an affordable price.


Ruby Visa consulting firm is offering and willing to continue to offer facilitation service for those looking for employment and business visas to travelers who wish to conduct business activities and meetings that are not related to employment in that country.. Our aim is to provide advice and assistance to help our clients obtain the required visas and make their way to the version of their better life they had plan for themselves.

Consulting services include technical services such as custom development, and business services such as industry introductions, airline negotiations, corporate travel auditing, strategic travel marketing and brand evaluation, hotel distribution, travel agency enrichment and international listing, sales and service consultation, and affiliate management services.