Since being established in 2020, EAPCFS has gone from strength to strength building on our
reputation for providing a reliable and professional service as well as excellent customer care.
We are fully focused on learning and developing new methods of pest control & Fumigation
Service to stay at the very front of our field. We constantly research changes in pest behavior,
habitats and changes in dietary sources. We are very environmentally aware and take great care to
avoid non-target species and use non-toxic methods to reduce the environmental impact of work.
We have many benefits for you our customers as we pride ourselves on integrity and business
ethics, constantly striving to be the best we can. We’ve never stopped learning and adapting to the
ever changing world of pest control and health and safety. This commitment to constant training
is at the heart of everything we do. We like to think our clients keep coming back to us because
they know we have the expertise to handle their needs.

Our Mission is to exceed customer’s expectation as well as deliver practical, cost effective, easy
to implement and resource efficient solutions.
To prevent, as far as practicable, the introduction of pests onto the client’s premises, while
eliminating and controlling current infestations and to reduce the conditions that may encourage
their presence.
We use an
Core Value
Over the years we have grown, but we still operate with the same core values and commitment to
excellence that we started with.
These core values are summed up in five immutable principles that guide our business and our
relationships with customers and with our employees:
1. Integrity: To possess high personal moral standards, be honest and trustworthy and show
pride and sincerity in all that we do.
2. Respect: To promote dignity, fairness, consideration and equal opportunity and to recognize
and appreciate everyone for the role they play in our company.
3. Teamwork: To work together willingly toward our common goals and shared vision, building
upon each of our strengths while promoting trust and confidence in each other.
4. Commitment: To be dedicated in words and actions to do the best we are capable of doing.
5. Service: Providing the highest level of professional and excellent service to every single
customer, regardless of how small or target.
Our Aim
Our target is to bring quality into the cleaning & Pest Control division by focusing on developing
and research by using latest and effective methods and investing on the most effective, efficient
and evident technology. We aim to expand and develop our methods of our services in order to
meet the demands of our clients with low prices and quality work.
We believe in building value adding relationship with our customers in the following ways;
• To participate in the cleaning and environmental conservation of all kinds.
• To create employment.
• To preserve environment.
This is relatively young firm in its operation but the principal members have a wealth experience
accumulated over several years of service delivery. The immediate objectives are as follows;
To be able to contribute to the corporate goals of our clients and their attainment thereof, in
promoting the good work and betterment of the organization in view to enhance corporate
satisfaction and efficiency. Our mission and commitment is therefore to provide reliable,
efficient, personalized and satisfactory services to our clients.
To gear operations, and present a professional, serious, growth-oriented image from the outset,
that will set the stage for reasoned, planned expansion, mirroring growth rates projected for the
first year of operations, and that will enable our business to extend its regional scope and, in
future years, to transition from its initial regional status into a larger East Africa.
To identify and develop key business alliances, cooperation’s, associations, and partnerships
with other larger, more established, and highly regarded companies both within and beyond the
target region.