Ethiopia eventual economic growth,being the fastest growing in Africa, and the reputation the country has achieved in the past two decades has made it to be one of the preferable tourist and travel destinations. Besides, it’s being the hub of numerous diplomatic missions and the seat of the African union, business interactions, governments’ multilateral relations, among others, are significant factors making Ethiopia a fertile tour and travel business ground.

The fact being so, the tour and travel sector has necessitated a modern and integrated approach. It’s this realization that has made Ethio Airs Trade & Investment reestablish it’s tour and travel service department with new business strategy and technical capability.

Having a successful prior experience in the sector, our company has put in place modern operational and service delivering approaches with regard to tour operation, travel services/ consultancy and ticketing.

Ethio Airs is staffed with competent tour & travel professionals having refined experience & expertise in tour operations, technological travel management platforms and travel logistics.

Furthermore, we are one of the foremost firms in the county in the usage, management & training of the major travel management system called Galeleo.

We provide these tour and travel services with utmost efficiency and preferable service quality.

  • Air tickets to any destination
  • Hotel or accommodation types booking
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental
  • Arranging visas
  • Medical tourism
  • Religious tourism
  • Honeymoon packages
  • Tourism packages
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