One of the direst socio-economic problems cited in the current Ethiopia’s development status is its ever increasing unemployment rate. Despite various efforts and initiatives focusing on alleviating unemployment, the problem still persists in a higher scale.

Ethio Airs Trade and Investment is urged to incorporate employment service in its operations understanding its professional corporate responsibility of playing its part in this major national challenge.

Embarking on establishing employment service department, we believed in the need of a special approach to address the issue of creating employment opportunities by linking the prospect employees with employers.

There are certain agencies that made use of website, newspapers, notice boards and employment offices rendering employment services. Though these companies are undertaking the task contributing their share, Ethio Airs has devised a unique methodology in addition to the usual ones which are supposed to reach more human resources and help employers obtain the professionals they actually need.

Hence, our employment service scheme would basically have broader reach along with enhancing employees’ skills and capacity through trainings and consultations.

We hold a strong conviction that we would reap promissory results from our employment service becoming a window of hope to our citizens.

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