Conceived with the notion of doing business differently, Ethio Airs Trade  Investment PLC holds on to grand dreams that will be realized by providing efficient, quality and unique services. In this regard, we embrace a strong conviction that our company would be a remarkable trend setter in the sectors we operate.

It’s not to make an empty public relation hype that we boldly speak about the distinctiveness of our commitment, it’s just because we are determined to take the road not taken, which often makes all the difference in the world. Prominent innovations and business ideas share one common virtue. They all thrived to take people on a special road away from the boring and stale routine. They let people have a different experience and freedom.

To this end, we eye the professional gap which ought to be filled so as to bring about a new customer experience and scale up the professional integrity and service quality in our undertakings.

Fuelled by this innovate business motive, Ethio Airs is a trading and investment firm engaged in the sectors of travel, event organization and employment. Having previous experience in the tour and travel sector, our company is reestablished with a new vision, diversified services, reinforced technical & human resource capacity coupled with a state-of-the-art working environment. The evolution of our growth since 2007 from 2 employees and an office to more than 30 employees in three different office locations could be an apparent testimony of our corporate determination.

Given our aforementioned vision, the current new reorganization of Ethio Airs Trading  Investment PLC is comprised of qualified professionals, modern infrastructure, and feasible business plan, along with an enthusiastic and systematic leadership. Hence, the convergence of these solid foundations is believed, to take us to the realization of our objectives.